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My name is Callie Ham and I have decided to start a blog to share unique recipes, crafts and thoughts.  I plan on posting at least once a week on various topics that I hope will be enjoyed by all.  I have just entered my 30’s and I have many hobbies including sewing, cooking, various out-doorsy activities including but not limited to mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and camping.  I grew up in rural Illinois as a young child and then moved to Iowa City, IA the summer before my 4th grade year.  I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2006.  I promptly found out that I would need a master’s to advance in my chosen career.  I moved to Denver, CO where I got a master’s in counseling and met my husband Jack Ham.  In 2011 I started my career as a school counselor and the next year I got married and had the most amazing cross-country honeymoon.  Then, life threw us a curve ball and a company based in Seattle bought Jack’s company.  We moved to Bothell, WA this past summer and so far we are enjoying getting to know our new home.  I was able to find a half-time counselor position in a rural school district north of Bothell.  I am on this adventure called life and I would like to share it with whoever is willing to read.

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